Chance By Chance is a resource for young creators in the professional field.

By creatively sharing fresh perspectives, initiating timely conversations and offering detailed analysis of the forces at play, I aim to help young individuals like myself make informed decisions.

An informed decision can be seen as "leveling up" in your personal development, the ongoing process to become the best version of yourself. That version is true to the core of your being while simultaneously the most capable of delivering meaningful contributions to the advancement of society.

"Leveling up" is made possible by seeing "the big picture", which comes into view with context of the present moment.

That context includes knowledge of history, which flows from our elders and predecessors, as well as educated imagination of the future, proceeding from young creators pursuing courageous paths.

Both aspects of "the big picture" are presented here.

Each young person has to make their own informed decisions, but I will support you by sharing tools to act on them.

This platform is also a core component of my self-education. (I'm 21 and have opted against college for the time being.) I seek strategies, recommendations and inspiration from guests who appear here. The evolution of my work is directly connected to application of these lessons.

The more young people to benefit from this work ensures a greater overall contribution to the positive advancement of our cultures and institutions.

Today's young creators are tomorrow's leaders.

Together, we learn. Together, we create a new reality.