The platform launched in October 2016.

The podcast came first, and it came gradually.

Across my high school's open campus of downtown St. Paul, MN, I learned to talk to strangers. I sought conversations on Metro Transit, in local businesses and on the street.

Throughout my school career, I learned to ask teachers and mentors for advice when in need, not only about lesson plans, but their personal insights. I wanted practical information with real-world application. Everyone was happy to supply it.

I began to love conversation.

Following graduation in 2015 from the Theatre Department at Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, I began traveling nationally and internationally. Wherever I went, wonderful people crossed my path, sharing their lessons and stories.

For about a year at that point, I had been a daily podcast listener. My favorites included The Tim Ferriss Show (teaching the importance of providing immediate, practical material), Waking Up with Sam Harris (exemplifying the necessity for intellectually honest discourse), Very Bad Wizards (demonstrating the value of intertwining humor with information), Bulletproof Radio (providing protocols to expand my capacity of well being) and The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (illustrating the wonder of imaginative monologue).

I attended the 4th Annual Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, California during September 2016. It landed me in the midst of high-profile, experienced professionals. I felt compelled to share the experiences and insights that I gained during that time with others. The idea for a podcast flourished, and John Lee Dumas' Free Podcast Course provided specific steps to begin.

Finding my voice has depended on continual experimentation. I consistently shake up episode format, invited guests, music and more.

If you are considering starting your own podcast, video series or blog, I would absolutely recommend doing so. The skills you can hone and the relationships you can build will propel you through life. Other people may even benefit from the work. It is easier than ever to build a platform for your message. Whatever you care to discuss, there is a community with the same interests. They will engage with you and support you through it all.

There is plenty of existing material to get you started online. However, if I can answer any questions or point you in a direction, visit the Contact page.