Following the Thread

“Don’t search, just follow the link!”

I overheard this line in someone else’s conversation and I don’t know the original context, but it reminded me of the early Chance by Chance podcast days. My dad told me back then to ask each guest for a guest recommendation and follow that thread.

The same goes for reading books: checking the annotations and tracking down the books that the author has referenced. In the case of fiction: doing a little research to determine what stories influenced and enabled an author to write their work.

The same goes for music: finding the artists who inspired other artists. Just follow the thread.

The same goes for life: when someone tells you to look into something… look into it. Follow the thread. Look into it immediately, or as soon as you can. Maybe there’s something there. Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe ideas make their way into our spheres at certain times for certain reasons. Maybe each opportunity gives way to another opportunity and following through leads you along the path. Somewhere down the line, your life could be completely transformed. You don’t even have to search for the turning point. Just follow the link.

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